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Get More Song Plays Online

The Internet plays a critical role in the music industry. Every day, new singers, rappers, and producers are discovered online. The success of musicians being discovered via the Internet has lead to a dramatic increase in the amount of people promoting music online. Now the web is crowded with people trying to shove their songs in your face. If you want to stand out from the bunch, you will need a music promotion strategy. I created this guide to give you points to focus on when developing your own plan. Here are the 6 tips to getting more song plays.

Buy Beats

Let’s be real. People like hearing high quality songs. Listeners do not like hearing songs recorded to instrumentals with audio tags still in them. I can promise you that your listeners will not take you seriously if they hear “purchase your tracks today” every 15 seconds during your song. Invest in original high quality production. Music fans want to hear unique content. Even though you may be inspired by the last track Drake dropped, no one really wants to hear your remixes of his songs. Dedicate time to finding instrumentals that can set you apart from the oversaturated music market. You need your music to stand out if you want it to blow up!

Exercise – Take any songs recorded to tagged beats down. Purchase the tracks and mix your vocals to the untagged versions.

Direct Traffic To One Main Source

The Internet provides us with an overwhelming amount of options for sharing our music. Email, Reverb Nation, Soundcloud, YouTube, Soundclick, and music forums are just a few of the many mediums music is shared on now. Even though it may seem counterintuitive, you should probably put most of your eggs in one basket. I believe it is possible to spread yourself too thin when you are trying to establish a fanbase. You want to concentrate the majority of your song plays, comments, and downloads in one place so you can see maximum results. Numbers matter. People naturally gravitate toward music that receives high levels of activity. Choose a primary site to share your music with first. Once you have a solid fanbase established, you should develop profiles on other websites.

Exercise – Choose one main place on the web you can direct your fans to.

Submit Your Music To Blogs

Sharing your music on blogs is a great way to reach your target audience. There are thousands of music related blogs on the Internet. Even though it is difficult to land a spot on the most popular blogs, you can definitely get your music posted on them. Some blogs require you to pay for the exposure their blog provides. A few blogs specialize in posting new talent first, so they want music from relatively undiscovered artists. Capitalize on the audiences of the many blogs on the web to expand your fanbase.

Exercise – Visit 10 music related blogs and find out how you can submit your music to them.

Proper Song Credits

Make sure to give credit where credit is due. Since we are in an era of mostly digital music, you need to write the credentials of the musicians you collaborate with in the song descriptions. If you do not, people will not be able to find information about who made the song. You should properly credit yourself, any artists you work with, producers, engineers, DJ’s, and graphic designers on your projects. When you credit other people, you will get MORE PLAYS on your tracks. Everyone searches for himself or herself on the internet. Everyone has a fanbase as well. With proper credits, people could stumble upon your mixtape just by searching for results on “JuiceGodBeats”. Extra traffic to your music means more plays, comments, and downloads.

Exercise – Add artist, producer, engineer, and graphic designer credits to anywhere you have music on the web. Producer credits should be in your song titles.

Post Song Lyrics

Most up and comers do not share their lyrics online. Submitting your song lyrics to websites dedicated to lyrics can help to establish your authority as an artist. Even though it probably won’t result in a lot of additional plays to your songs, posting your lyrics will increase your web presence and social relevance.

Leave Feedback

Listening to other peoples’ music and leaving feedback is a good way to get people to listen to your songs. Everyone who shares music on the web wants feedback. We are more likely to listen to the music of friends than the music of strangers. If you leave meaningful feedback and constructive criticism on other people’s songs, they are likely to return the favor at some point. Leaving feedback can serve as a networking catalyst as well. Some of the people you exchange feedback with will become partners with you. Use this to start developing your network of musicians.

Exercise – Leave 10 people with constructive criticism about their music.

In conclusion, promoting music appears to be a daunting task. In reality, you can promote your songs efficiently if you follow the steps outlined above. Use these 6 tips to maximize your promotion efforts and get more song plays online.

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