Blog Music Submission Guidelines [Article]

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Blog Music Submission Guidelines

Once you know where to send your music, it’s important to have your material formatted properly. You want to give yourself the highest chance possible of getting the music placed on any blog you send it to.

1. Audio Quality

Before submitting your music, you need to make sure it’s high quality and properly formatted. You should pay an engineer to mix/master your tracks, after you finish recording. Fill out as many metadata fields (Song Title, Artist Name, Album Name, etc.) as you can on your MP3’s so when people can easily search for you after they download your music.

2. Contact Info

The purpose of submitting your music to blogs is to gain more fans, right? Make sure you provide ALL necessary contact information when sending your music out.

Include information like your:

All blogs are unique. Before sending any music, check out a few posts on the blog you are sending to. See what contact info is presented on each post and be sure to include that information as it corresponds to you.

Check out the submission protocol for 2DopeBoyz below!

2Dopeboys Submission Protocol

2Dopeboys Submission Protocol

3. Be Patient

Blogs are extremely busy! Some blogs get hundreds if not thousands of emails every day! You need to give each blog time to respond, after you send them an email. DO NOT SEND MULTIPLE EMAILS CONTAINING THE SAME MESSAGE AND INFORMATION!!! If you blast their email addresses with the same email multiple times, the bloggers will not read it and they may block your email address!

4. Get Your Money Ready

Blogging is a business. Some blogs will post your content after you pay them a fee. Don’t shy away from blogs just because they charge you to post content. The price is usually fair considering how much traffic some major blogs get on a regular basis.

You can use FREE resources like Alexa and SEO Professional to see how popular a blog is.

Hopefully these blog music submission tips were helpful. Let me know what you think about this article using the comments section below!

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