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     Download Hip-Hop/Rap/R&B/Pop instrumentals in these styles and many more! Get your rap beats today!

     Fuel your creativity with 100% original instrumentals from JuiceGodBeats! No need to hassle with clearing samples before you record your songs. Start working as soon as you get your rap beats!

     All beats on are mixed/mastered and ready to go! Save time and money with beats from JuiceGodBeats!

Instant Download Options For Beats:

Leasing Rights:

Instant delivery/Can be used for 1 commercial release (TV/Radio/iTunes/Youtube w/Monetization)/Must not exceed 100 spins (Radio) or 5,000 sales (Album/Single iTunes). High quality MP3 (Without Tags)

Premium Leasing Rights:

Instant delivery/Can be used for 3 commercial releases (TV/Radio/iTunes/Youtube W/Monetization) Must not exceed 1000 spins (Radio) 10,000 Sales (Album/Single iTunes) High Quality WAV format (Without Tags)

Exclusive Rights:

24hr delivery/Can be used for unlimited commercial releases (TV/Radio/iTunes/Youtube w/Monetization)/ High Quality WAV format + individual instrument WAV tracks

Frequently Asked Questions

Does JuiceGodBeats LLC provide custom beats?

     We currently do not make custom beats. If you are looking for production, you must pick instrumentals from the player on the site.

Should I lease a beat or buy the exclusive rights?

     In most cases people should lease a beat. You should buy the exclusive rights if you plan on getting major distribution for your song. Exclusive rights prevent the beat from being sold again.

I bought a beat, but haven’t received the files. What’s the deal?

     Check the spam folder of your email after making a purchase. Sometimes email systems interpret the beat download links as spam. If you still have not received the appropriate links within 10 minutes of making a purchase, please send us an email and we’ll resolve the problem as soon as possible.

I am a producer. Can we collaborate on a beat?

     JuiceGodBeats LLC is not currently accepting collaborations from the general public. Join the mailing list to stay informed about future collaboration opportunities.

I want one of your beats for an album I’m working on.

     Great! You need to purchase the exclusive rights using the player above.

How much do I have to pay in royalties if I use one of your beats?

    Royalties from any song you make to a JuiceGodBeats beat are split 50/50.

Who have you produced for? What songs have you made?

Discography (Constantly being updated)

Mzz Sarah G – “War”

Grant Flows – “Getcha Muscle Right”, “Lethal”, “Never Sober”, “Hulked Up”, “Going Crazy”, “The Flow”, “Showtime”

Young Bitiouz – “Drop It”, “Get Em”, “Can’t Stop Won’t Stop”

Spike Dubose – “On Deck”

Riggz Two Nice – “Pay My Rent”, “Hit A Mil”, “Heartburn”, “Shake It”, “That Song”

Struc Supreme – “Look EZ”, “Got Next”

DStar – “Chewy”

DaBlackSheep – “K. Klown Magik”, “Goosebumps”, “420 Perspective”

K.R.I.M.E. – “New Ish”, “Drop It”, “Ain’t No Stoppin Me”

V’annis – “Parole”

John Mike – “Suicide”, “Learnin”, “Told Em Like”, “Tired”, “Done”, “Gone”, “Been Known”

TeaMMMafia - “Wopsided”, “Good Times”

Tree Ave – “On Deck”

Joey G – “Life’s Crazy”

Dony T – “Dream On”

GCue – “Joose”, “Missing You”, “Substance Abuse”, “Rain Dance”, “Gas Station Run [Intro]”, “2nd Amendment”, “Golden Gloves”, “Diary of a Madman”, “Chemotherapy”

Quail Mary – “Joose”

Kid Advay – “Fireworks”

Markus Steward – “Chemotherapy”

Ysteezy – “Golden Gloves”

CHI-Lene – “Rhythm Feelin’”

Joey Blaze – “Joey-San”, “Mt. Olympus”

Chriz J – “Game Over”, “Chills & Thrills”, “Cuffin Season”

Kyd Tripp – “Tango”, “Da Vinci Code”, “Apocalypse”

Nolan McKeever – “Missing You”

Charlie2k – “Look EZ”

JuneAKWTS – “Golden Child”, “Too Far”

Mal P – “Too Far”

Kingdom Reign – “Nasty”, “Dope Boys”

June2Real – “Bullet Time Pt. 2”

RBurnz – “Lift Off”

DotGatsby - “This Right Here”

Homemade HipHop CO – “Be Great”, “Take A Picture”

Tony Fresco – “Effin Witchu”

Tonio Johnson – “So In Love”

Famous Holly Bay – “Forever”, “Can I say”, “Outro”

Johnny Ocean – “Lost”

Twonico – “Want It All”

J-Skillz – Atomic $killz

Atomic – Atomic $killz

Splat – “Let’s Fly Together”

Grim – “Poppin’ Tags”, “Paper Chase”

Young Shaq – “Poppin’ Tags”, “Paper Chase”

Young C – “Paper Chase”

The Drew – “Always Been”


Tricks To Get Your Music Out There

1. Participate in blog communities regularly

A free way to get your music out there is to participate in blog communities. Leave an honest comment on every blog post you view. The more thoughtful your comments are the higher the chance someone is going to click on your profile. Comment systems, like Disquis, allow for users to rate comments up or down. Use this feature to your advantage. Leave thought provoking analysis on blog posts so people leave positive feedback on your comments.

** Never leave comments like “Yo check out my new song here”… Comments like that just make you look thirsty and are ineffective**

2. Approach smaller blogs with less traffic

Even though it may seem counterintuitive, approaching smaller blogs may be a better solution. Smaller blogs receive far fewer emails than major blogs. Your email has a significantly better chance of getting read by small bloggers. Getting your music on some blogs is better than getting your music on no blogs at all.

3. Contact bloggers in person as opposed to the Internet

Face-to-face networking is significantly more effective than trying to network online. Leverage the connections you already have to interact with more bloggers.

4. Maintain your own blog

If you do music, you should be blogging. Blogs are an inexpensive way to give people more reasons to check out your music. Think about it… You’re on my blog right now J I can easily sell you BEATS, or PRODUCER SOUNDS because I got your attention with this amazing article.

Set up your own blog today using Tumblr, WordPress, or Blogger.

Things To Remember

Not all of your music promotion efforts will be successful. You are going to fail… A LOT! Never get discouraged when a promotional scheme doesn’t go exactly as you planned. One of the most important practices in music promotion is trial and error. As long as you record and analyze the results of every promotional campaign you run, you will be able to develop your own effective promo routine over time. Keep note of how quickly blogs respond to your emails, which blogs reply, and how many extra plays/downloads your music gets after a blog posts it.


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